Restoration, Conservation & Repair

Our expertise is sought after for stained glass restoration, conservation and repair. We restore, conserve and protect historic stained glass. We repair damaged leadlights.

Contact us for condition inspections and reports, conservation reports and insurance valuations of your stained glass anywhere in New Zealand.

Heritage Work

Pukerua Glass Studio brings over 30 years of restoration and conservation expertise to our work on windows in domestic, civic and religious buildings all over New Zealand. Our work is endorsed by Heritage NZ (formerly NZ Historic Places Trust). We are an associate member of NZCCM (NZ Conservators of Cultural Materials).

We offer several methods of protecting historic stained glass windows, from external to iso-thermal protective glazing. We have an extensive collection of salvage glass to match heritage glasses as well as suitable modern replacements. Our restoration services include traditional techniques like glass painting and acid etching as well as stabilizing repairs of damaged glass.

Vandalised Windows Restored

Vandalism to the historic Antrim House in Wellington, affected several of its stained glass windows which date back to the early 1900s. Heritage New Zealand which maintains the property and has its headquarters based there, commissioned the restoration of these windows. These before and after photos show the amount of restoration work required.

  • Before

  • After

Damaged Church Windows Restored

A further example of restoration after damage to heritage windows.







Protective Cover Glazing System

Protect your heritage windows with our ventilated cover glazing system which minimises weather effects while protecting from accidental or deliberate damage. Developed by Pukerua Glass Studio. Photo shows window at Old St Paul's, Wellington.

  • Bradley Window, St George School, Whanganui

  • Wellington College, Wellington